Monday, May 14, 2007

Kenduri Aqiqah

Salam. Roy and Ewa had an Aqiqah celebration, yesterday afternoon. Kak sa'diah, Untie Sue, Maria and kak Amira (Dr' Fethi's wife), whom we haven't met for such a long time, were there. Ewa's mum were also there. After Congregational Zohor led by Roy, Dr. Fethi gave a short tazkirah.

Some of the input of the tazkirah... "Aqiqah is one of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The Prophet did Aqiqah for all his sons as well as his grandsons, Hasan and Husain. Aqiqah can be done 7 days/21 days/40 days after a baby is born, whereby an animal (a sheep/lamb for baby girl, two sheeps for baby boy) is slaughtered. It is advisible that the meat is cooked and shared among neighbours and friends in a celebration. During the celebration, the baby's hair is cut and parent gives charity the same amount of gold as equal to the weight of the hair. The baby's name is announced. The purpose of the celebration are: to informed the community that that particular baby is a ligitimate baby of so and so, and to praise to Allah that the baby will always be protected from the evils and shaitan. "

Well... it has been such a long time I have not attend to any tazkirah. I still remembered early years of my study at IIUM. We used to have 'usrah' every weekend. The 'government' usrah, the one given by IIUM as well as 'private' usrah with ABIM. I still remembered kak Badar, kak Asma', kak Yati, kak Marsufah, to name a few...and my usrah collegues, Hanani, Angah, Amie, An, Mahfuzah, Aini, again to name a few....

Alhamdulillah, the aqiqah celebration was smooth. Then we headed to Reza's house, sharing some tips and experience of having a baby in a foreign country. Reza's wife, Naja is 5 months pragnent and is expecting a baby this Sep. They just arrived few weeks ago and were planning to go back to Malaysia for delivery. After having conversation with us, hopefully.... they'll find more information. Let's pray that Allah will help them... Amin

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