Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ashraf's Brithday

Today is Ashraf's fifth birthday. It's like only yesterday I met Suhaimi...hehe..what a wonderful memory...I still remember our first encounter at Janda Baik, TIDE program for all new IIUM administrative staff. He was an engineer and I librarian. He was shy...hehe...very much like those days 'kampung' boy, humble and charismatic. It was Sept 2000. And when I received my Master degree scroll during convocation Oct that year...he was there down the stage, as committee of the event...Then we became friends via email...(coz how much I want to keep Syariah, as inspired by Kasih kekasih~Inteam..hehe). Alhamdulillah...we were engaged April 2001 and got married 14th Sept 2001...

And June 2002...Ashraf was borned. It was rather a terrible moment...a quite difficult delivery...and difficult post natal stage...well I guess... first experience... And today...he is 5! And he starts his first school day at Albany Primary School on his very own birthday.

"Amier Ashraf...Umi doakan kau kan membesar menjadi insan yg berjasa pada umi ayah, adik2mu..keluarga...agama dan bangsa...moga kau tabah anakku mengharungi hidup yg penuh pancaroba. Peganglah pada agama, nescaya kau kan selamat di mana jua kau berada. Teruskan usahamu mencari ilmu kerna ilmu bisa membantumu. Umi doakan moga Allah sentiasa mengurniakan Hidayah-Nya dan pelihara dirimu dan kita sekeluarga dari sebarang musibah..." praise goes to Him for His guidance, strength and rezeki... and countless thanks and infinite loves to hubby for all his support, loves and endless cares.

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