Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kak Eda will be joining AUT

I met kak eda last year, after Hari Raya, at Wellington. I know her through Prof Ungku Maimunah, the previous Chair of Malay Studies, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Prof was very helpful during our first meeting. Hubby met her once at Massey Albany, I think early last year...and both of them communicate via emails. And when we went to Wellington, we visited her...

I still remember, we had a hard time to park our car. Prof's office was at Kelburn Building. So finally, hubby decided to stay with the kids in the car while I went into the building to find Prof Ungku. "Alhamdulillah Asiah jumpa kak masa ni, kak baru saja selesai satu apa planning Asiah?" I was impressed, what a humble prof!

I told her my intention to further my study and would like to discuss if she could help. So she decided to introduce us to kak eda, offer us a lunch at a muslim restaurant and have a discussion. It was indeed a memorable moment, we had a beautiful lunch, fruitful discussion especially on how I should go about to start my PhD.

Kak eda is UKM lecturer and is doing her PhD at School of Information Management, VUW. She was MLIS super senior batch...So after we met, I used to email her, asked for this and that, her opinion and experience...and she was helpful and frank!

And recently, she told me that she will shift to AUT. As I want to help her settling down, I browsed Northshore Times flatmates colums and found one interesting adv at Northcote. 8 min walk to AUT, 2 dbl rooms with own shower/toilet/kitchen/broadband for 135 p/w + exp...Kak eda was so excited that she is willing to immediately deposit some money to get the place. I told hubby, we better have a look to the house. The landlord, Khyn, a Singaporian, sound... far so good...but a bit fussy I think (or careful maybe)... Well...let's see this afternoon...coz we will meet her at 4.

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