Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Korean neighbour


Got an email from my Korean neighbour, a nice fellow, very frank and modest... living with her 5 & 1+ years old daughters and mother in law... she used to say "I envy you asiah...becoz...."

The email says ...

I went to the school hall to see the assembly.
in fact, I expected claire
(her 5 yrs old daughter)
get the certificate.
but hawon
(her nephew)
and ashraf got it.
so I taken the photo. I will attatch the photo files.
what is written in the ashraf's certificate??

Ya Allah... How come I never know about the assembly. Oh dear... umi feel so guilty... Alhamdulillah my neighbour shot some photos....

Written on the cert...

Super listening and following instruction
Area 8
Mrs Ashbey King

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hymie said...

Next assembly: Friday 24th August at 2pm.