Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tahniah & sad news


Congratulate to kak eda, almost every commentors said "A very good presentation"... wow, and she did it very well, indeed. And thanks also for the yummy lunch.

Funny thing happen on my way back to Albany that monday. I commuted Northern Express, I gave $5 note and received balance of $2.60. I only notice that after I sat on one of very few chair available at the middle. So many people were there. Wait! my ticket form Constellation to Britomart that morning was $4.30. So I looked at the ticket again and notice...'child sgl'.... hahaha.

This morning, hubby got news that her mum is hospitalised. Allah, he's soo worried and even checked ticket to singapore. $1800! He managed to make phone call and talked to mum. That's help him and her alot... She's dehydrated coz she don have the appetite to eat anything, and she got diahrea too and that make her condition worst... Hope her condition will improve, ameen.

Ok got to go now, it's almost 11.30 pm.

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