Monday, July 14, 2008

360 degr direction of qiblah.. a single spot on earth!


Subhanallah... with the advancement of Internet, satellite, and human mind... I am amazed by the Qiblah locator. It helps us locate qiblah direction wherever we are on earth. I checked my hometown, my house at NZ, and many other places.. use the map and satellite as well. It's so amazing... then I checked the world map and manoeuvred other places' direction of qiblah... and noticed there is a single spot where direction of qiblah will be from any direction... if I moved a bit, qiblah is facing left, move a little bit, qiblah is facing right...move.. north, south, all sides of direction = 360 degree... this spot is located in the South Pacific Ocean (in the middle of the ocean though)

Then I thought aloud... IS THIS THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE???.. the mysterious place on earth!..Oh no!!... the Bermuda Triangle is not there.. it is on the west of Atlantic Ocean. hahaha... Then I discovered that its mysteriousness seems a mere exaggeration. Thanks to Lawrence David Kusche, a librarian, who refuted the 'mysteriousness' of Bermuda Triangle..

With regard to Qiblah direction, I come across a video clip about satelite proving the prophethood of Rasulullah (saw). Rasulullah ordered one of his companion to build the Masjid of Sana'a, facing the Mount Deyn. How would the prophet know the direction of Qiblah more than 1400 years ago? No satelite, no google earth.. Watch the video clip!..I bear witness there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His massenger...

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