Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ayam percik


Got this recipe from a friend...

Ayam Percik (for 4 thighs)


Rempah:15 biji cili kering, soaked in hot water,10 ulas bawang merah,3 ulas garlicsome halia,3 batang serai,some, not too much of kunyit stalk, say 2 - 3 cm,some daun limau purut

Add-on to rempah:250 ml santan fres,h2 spoonfuls sugar1 spoonful rice flour2 X chicken cubesChicken - best to use thighs.

Mix and blend all rempah ingredients. In a pot, mix the blended rempah and all the add-ons. Cook slowly over medium heat until it thickens (more-less half to three-quarter cooked). Add some more sugar and coconut milk to taste.Generously coat all chicken pieces with the cooked gravy. For best result, grill over charcoal, low heat. Keep brushing more gravy maybe 3 or 4 times on each side. Use batang serai, some oil and honey to brush the chickens as you go.Cook the remaining gravy until pecah minyak, use as a gravy/sauce with chicken and rice. Yummm.

Nak tengok gambar kat sini

Selamat mencuba!

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