Friday, January 18, 2008

Special guest 2


After attending Sir Neil Waters Distinguished Lecture at Massey Uni yesterday afternoon, Azhar and Prof Othman & wife headed to our house. Prof mentioned 'so and so' from KPT came here and interviewed Azhar since he personally knows all 4 chairs of Malay studies.. wow! "So you may be the next chair" I joked, "Wellington! nooo..." hahaha

They are such a nice couple. Hope we'll meet again, if we visit welli or vice versa... Ahh..wellington, soo windy but if I'm destined to be there... I'll take the challenge...

These few days, suhaimi and I were so engrosed with the idea of moving to other house... so on, ahhh! so many consideration! Dina will be coming but the process is just time consuming... mmm... moga urusan dipermudahkan Allah, ameen

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