Monday, April 14, 2008

Split of the Moon... Mu'jizat of Prophet Muhammad


Subhanallah and Alhamdulillah, I got an email about a miracle/mu'jizat of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)... Let me share it here...

This picture shows the location of the "Rocky Belt" which shows the moon was once split.

The believer of Mekah said to the Prophet that if he is truly a prophet, split the moon and if he do, they shall believe. It was a full moon that night...

And so the Prophet prayed to Allah to grant him this miracle, and the moon was split. Half was seen over Mount Saffa and the other half was seen over Mount Kaikaan. The people said that the prophet has placed a spell on us, however, if he played a trick on us, then he can't play a trick on all the people in the world! Abu Jahl then said "Let us wait until the people of Albadiah come, and if they saw the moon split, then it is true, if not then we all know it was a trick of magic.

When the poeple of Albadiah came, they said that they too saw the moon split, and the disbelievers said "Oh, how powerful Muhammad's magis is"

The Allah revealed Surah al-Qamar "The hour has come near and the moon has split, and when they see a sign, they turn and say 'this is a continuous magic' and they disbelieved and followed their desires..."

This took place in the days of the Prophet Muhammad in Mekah.

In one of Dr. Zaghlool al-Najaar's seminar, in one of the British universities said, "The miracle of the splitting of the moon has been proven recently"... "One of the British borthers who is very concerned about the state of Islam, Dawood Musa, who is the new chairman of the British muslims party, who is planning to enter the coming elections under the banner of Islam, which is spreading extremely fast in the west said "While he was searching for a religion, a friend gave him a copy of the Qur'an translated in English. He opened it and came across surat al-Qamar and read "The hour has come and the moon has split", looking at this he said 'The moon has split?!' He then stopped reading and did not open it again.

Then one day while watching a program on the BBC, the broadcaster was talking with three American scientists and the broadcaster was blaming America for spending billions of dollars on space projects , in a time shere millions of people are suffering from poverty. The scientist were trying to explain why it is important to go into space exploration.

Soon the scientists came to discuss the most expensive trip to the moon, which costed about 100 billion dollars, so the broadcaster asked them "So to put the American flag on the moon you spent this such money?!"

The scientists stated that this much money was spent because they were trying to study the internal structure of the moon to see what similarities it has with the Earth, and they said that they were suprised to find a 'Belt of Rocks' that goes from the surface of the moon right to the inner depths.

Being quite suprised, they gave this information to their geologists, who were also suprised, as they concluded that this couldn't be unless the moon was once split and resealed. The rocks on the belt are a result of the impact during the time that the two halves of the moon recombined.

Watching this brother Dawood Mussa jumped off his seat screaming "This is Muhammad's miracle which occurred more than 1400 years ago, and now the Americans are spending billions of dollars to prove it to the Muslims." He then said, "This must surely be a true religion, and so where once Surat al-Qamar was a cause for him disbelieving in Islam, it was now the reason for his embracing Islam...


cunyu said...

Kak Asiah..menariknyer..baru tahu nie..:)

Asiah said...

tu la..nih yg akak share kat sini... pasl mu'jizat nabi tuh kita da tahu..belaja kat sekolah agama... but space discovery tuh membuatkan kita terfikir... syukur aku lahir sebagai seorang islam... Moga Allah beri kekuatan kepada kita & semua umat Islam.. ameen