Saturday, May 10, 2008

Settled... not yet settled


Alhamdulillah, we have dealt with the previous landlord, gave her key and she signed the bond application this afternoon. This morning, she was not very happy with the cleanliness of the house, blue tag and spots were everywhere on the walls... and the oven (I really forgot to clean the internal part of the oven!)... it was dirty. So she gave us few hours to re-clean the house... fuh!... another cleaning operation.

Takpela..alhamdulillah semua da settle.

Proposal is progressing. But need to add more 'makeup' on the research design. Kak Rose told us UKM will be coming to NZ for recruitment, early this June. (Thank la kak rose yea... tak sangka, kak rose pun baca blog saya yea..hehe. kak rose pun tulis blog kaa..meh la bg!!). Prof Jai said he wants to re-consider my application, wanna consider my experience...alhamdulillah..

So I'm still struggling now, alhamdulillah bole guna ofis suhaimi, payah gak nak study kat rumah... bukan apa, tak sampai hati tengok anak2. Aku pun takleh nak concentrate. Tadi pun ashraf dok kata.. naper umi keje lama hari nih... alahai.. kesian nyer anak2ku... sabar nak yea... esok kita main2 sama2.

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