Saturday, June 14, 2008



When I wrote "to be continued" in the last post, there were so many ideas in my head but I can't remember any now... ;)

Now let me recall some of them now... oh yea.. my head, my tudung... as Dina & Ajeep will be coming soon, I did some homework on aurah with in laws (though I know already). Then I found that there are 2 kinds of mahram (not muhrim*), permanent mahram and temporary mahram (in laws fall under this category). The aurah for both are the same, need to cover all except hand and face (Shafi'e). Some exceptional (hand up to elbow may not be covered when doing some cleaning/household at home).

With regards to Islamic practices, we have choices.. to follow or not to follow, and the judge in only Allah because He knows what is our real intention (niyah/niat). People may judge but it's not our main concern. Our purpose should be to please Allah, not people. So I was in dilema... !?!!

Islam is a deen of modesty and beauty... Islam itu agama yg indah dan mudah (teringat ku input pertama sewaktu usrah di Sg Ramal Dalam oleh kak Badar)... Segala peraturan yg Islam tetapkan itu sesuai dengan naluri, keperluan dan kehendak manusia. Ia agama yg mudah... contohnya perihal solat, jika musafir... bole jama' (cantumkan 2 solat dalam satu waktu) malah qasar (singkatkan solat 4 rakaat kepada 2 rakaat), dan jika ada keuzuran tertentu, bole solat duduk, jika tak bole, bole baring sahaja... itu salah satu bukti Islam tidak menyusahkan umatnya...

When I was a teacher at Cosmopoint, my approach with regards to my students not covering their aurah was moderate. I did not force them to wear tudung during my Pengajian Islam class (as practiced by the previous teacher)... "It's up to you, I know you come from different background, so I'll not force you to wear tudung. It's one of our obligation as muslimah to cover our aurah, though. If you decided to wear tudung, then wear it consistently with full understanding and with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, not my or other people' pleasure. I would be very happy though". None of those free hair girls wear tudung throughout the semester but towards the end, one of them wear it. Alhamdulillah, I was so delighted. Hope she remains covered until now. Perubahan yang bermula dgn pemahaman mudah3an akan berkekalan...

Well... it going to be tough to be covered at home, almost 24/7. Hubby said... if you decide to cover, then go on. Oh Allah... this is hard. Mudah2an Kau jadikan ia mudah bagiku... kerana aku memilih jalan-Mu.

* The right word in relation to aurah is mahram and not muhrim. Muhrim means one who is doing ihram

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