Thursday, July 7, 2011

15 minutes writing

Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,

I remember one time reading on the FB Doctoral Support Group about an attempt to writing for 30 minutes so this is my attempt. My target is to write my thought in 15 minutes and see whether I would be able to produce some good writing (1.56pm).

So what am I going to talk about? oh yes, my current most interesting yet challenging task in hand, my book chapter writing. Oh how much I take pride and will take pride on this piece of work. A dear friend told me, "ahh asiah, it is just a book chapter, not a journal paper! It won't carry so much weight to the KPI. Focus on the thesis and later you can write a journal paper, a peer reviewed journal. Book! I can write book anytime, it isn't easy"

I was just smiling when she said that! Now that I have a chance to really think of it.. it is not just a book chapter.. this is MY book chapter, my first ever book chapter. It will be published by an international publisher, not local publisher and it will be read by the academic communities throughout the world.. not local readers.. (I hope this will be a reality) (2.02pm)

I know this friend of mine has produced a number of books, published locally and ..hmm.. perhaps read by mostly her students of a specific university in the country (reference or course reading materials - compulsory reading perhaps)...

My chapter will be different in a number of ways: it will be published by an international publisher (IGI publication), it is written in English, it is edited by two Professors, and will be read by many (and hopefully will be cited as well), and it is unique because it contains part of my research findings and as far as I know, there is yet a research being done on digital library services in blended learning environments from Malaysian higher education perspective! (2.10).

15 minutes writing is done!


Well.. I would say ideas flow well when I think in English.. not in my own mother tongue. I know writing in English is challenging to some of us. This isn't easy but it need a lot of practice.

I counted the number of words, so I was able to write approximately 260 words in just 15 minutes.... REALLY.. see! I told myself that I can do this! I choose to decide that my thesis writing will be an enjoyable one. Thanks to AfzanMaria for introducing me to James Hayton's Three Month Thesis..

The habits of writing.. yes I will change the habits.. "success is down to what you repeatedly decide to do"

Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir. Rabbi zidni Ilma warzukni fahma... amin

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