Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This works well... great!

Another 15 minutes attempt. Today I manage to organize my writing (the book chapter) more effectively. I did have the skeleton and ample information to elaborate. SO this morning I set several times writing interval starting 10am this morning. The planning was done before 10 am.

The first interval, 10.00 to 10.30, I manage to write the chapter abstract (200 words). Then during short reflection, I notice I need only 100-150 words for the abstract. So I revisit the abstract and shorten it into 160 words. Done

The second interval, 11.00 - 11.30, I manage to write a short introduction and revisit the chapter background. I actually did not spend half an hour but I stop writing at about 12.15 (which mean I spend more than an hour) and manage to revisit most part of the background (the various difinitions, components and development of digital library).

Then I had a long break, for solat and for rewarding myself for writing (at that time, the total number of words reach 3000). I read email and facebook, check my bank (alhamdulillah gaji AUT dah masuk) dan baca blog pasal MLM.

Third interval, 2.00 - 3.00, I manage to revisit the sub-cahpter about the research project, about the case and the digital library. great. Now the total number increases to 5400.. awesome!!

After solat Asar, I plan to continue with the fourth interval but I change my mind. Instead, I read more about reading culture in Malaysia.. I think although our reading culture is still low as compared to developed countries, I notice that publishing (writing) culture has increased.. This is based on my observation that many malaysians write blog. The content is a different storiy but some of these blogs are really resourceful and interesting. So reading does not necesarily come from books. Books nowasdays are only part of information conduits.. there are other media of information particularly from the internet. Another thinking is - previously we think that social media such as youtube are mostly junk! but do you notice more and more so-called academic communities are using this media to dessiminate their ideas and research. An example is my fav author Christine Borgman. Few days ago, I receive email regarding her latest research paper/presentation which is in Youtube.

Well.. I almost spend 20 minutes writing now and it felt like ideas flow so well. Alhamdulillah hope this spirit will continue. amin.

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